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Platform resources and help

How to contact us for help on API's use ?

You can mail us to


Can you help me using the Dev Portal ?

Of course ! Our team can offer time and advices through Apigee/Dev Portal training sessions. To learn more about Dev Portals, you can reach us at


How can I have an account on the Dev Portal?

You can have an account on every BNP Paribas Dev Portal available just by signing in with the SSO. At your first connexion, your account will be created automatically.


Could you help me to learn how to use API ?

We ensure that documentation is exhaustive and helps you to understand easily if an API corresponds to your needs. If you have no previous technical experience using APIs, we recommend you to get assistance from an API specialist.


Where could I find documentation about how to use the Dev Portal ?

We provide you some user guides on our Confluence Space. Do not hesitate to navigate and discover all the informations we give :)